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The amendment of the political agenda of Ihuriro ry'INYABUTATU

Posted: 2014-11-16
Source: Ihuriro ry'Inyabutatu 


It is not really by choice that Rwandans are pre-dominantly spread all over the world especially in the countries neighbouring Rwanda and in the Western countries such as Canada, France, Belgium, UK, Germany, Switzerland, USA and others.

To a greater extent, these dispersions have been due to political instabilities in Rwanda.

The worst political impasse is the one prevailing now in Rwanda under President Paul Kagame.

Before the bush war, the Rwandese Patriotic Front (RPF) promised to reverse the violent history of the past and to establish a political regime that would guarantee a democratic multiparty system; but after taking power in 1994, it has created a shadow of democracy that does not provide a real opportunity for political space.

RPF maintains its monopoly of political power by means of repressive laws, unfair and illegal administrative practices, intimidation and violence.

The power struggle in Rwanda and the competition for access to resources have often unleashed cataclysmic conflicts, killings and untold human sufferings, violence including crimes against humanity and genocide.

All this has continued to generate violence and bloodshed. Consequently, Rwanda is sinking day by day into a socioeconomic and political disaster. The lack of a resolution of internal conflicts in Rwanda is the main cause behind the political unrest.

Rwanda has become a source of structural tension and political conflicts and constant instability in the Great Lakes region. It is against this background, that Ihuriro ry'Inyabutatu program was incepted on the 16th of July 2007.

Ihuriro ry’Inyabutatu is a broad-based organization for all Rwandans to exert pressure and advocate for political reforms and democratic change through peaceful means.

Our aim is to work tirelessly for the return of all Rwandan refugees from exile, for the Fundamental Human Rights and Justice for all  Rwandans.  


Over many years, Rwandans have been massacred like animals: for instance, thousands of Rwandans were killed in 1959,1961,1963,1967,1973, and 1990 - 1994.

In 1994, over a million of innocent Rwandans were killed and over two million fled to neighbouring countries, for the first time in the national history, the word “Genocide” is now part of our lexicon.

In 1996, thousands of Rwandans were attacked and savagely killed in various refugee camps in the Republic Democratic of Congo( former Zaire), by the RPF government. Even today the rate of Rwandans fleeing their country is rising due to political instability, lack of democracy, mismanagement of public funds, increased rate of poverty due to selfish leaders and bad policies and the deplorable lack of freedom of the press with politicians and journalists being killed due to differences in views and opinions.

Assassinating politicians and innocent citizens have become the cultural and dominant norm in Rwanda since the establishment of the Republic. Therefore, we, Ihuriro ry’Inyabutatu have dedicated our main political agenda as follows:

1. To work tirelessly for the return of all Rwandan refugees from exile, for the Fundamental Human Rights and Justice for all  Rwandans.

2. To advocate a political democracy, based on (a)the Rwanda’s sovereignty, (b) the separation and interdependence of institutions, (c)pluralism of opinion and political organizations, (d)individual and collective liberties, (e)the direct participation of citizens and the people in political affairs and in monitoring and overseeing the exercise of power;

3. To build an economic democracy based on (a)the subordination of economic structures to democratic political structures, (b) social ownership of the major and strategic sectors of the economy as well as of the main national resources, (c) the democratic planning of the economy, (d)the coexistence of different economic formations, (e) workers' control of management, (f) workers' real participation and say in the management of public companies and capital;

4. To embark upon a social democracy based on (a) the effective exercise of people's rights, (b) the right to a job and a fair wage and to adequate living conditions for all citizens, (c) full and equal access to social services and benefits, specifically as concerns health, education, housing, social security, physical exercise, sports and leisure;

5.To promote a cultural democracy based on (a) true access by the masses of the people to culture, the creation and enjoyment of culture, (b) freedom and support for cultural production;

6.Peace and Security to all people and their assets, freedom of speech as well as freedom of the press;

7.Unity and reconciliation based on Rwandan traditional culture. The Executive, the Legislative and Judiciary will control the power for the benefit of the citizens of the country.


We declare that Ihuriro ry'Inyabutatu remains open to all Rwandans who would like to join and support its program.

We are asking the international community to support Ihuriro ry'Inyabutatu political agenda.

Ihuriro ry'Inyabutatu needs to rebuild a society in which all Rwandans can live peacefully side by side and have the basic fundamental Human Rights as a legacy to future generations.

We, the governing body of Ihuriro ry'Inyabutatu, hereby witness this document.

Amended today the 1st of December 2018 in the African Great Lakes Region.

1. Chairman: Joseph Mutarambirwa

2. Secretary-General: James Munyandinda

3. Treasurer: Straton Semugeshi

4. Political Adviser: Gatana Gatanazi

5. Commissioner Mobilization: Peter Bagabo

6. Diplomacy and information: Alfred Rurangirwa


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