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L’implantation du virus « faux syllogisme » dans la scène politique au Rwanda.

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Posted: 2012-08-26
Source: Rugerinyange Louis umusomyi w'

Before getting into the thick of things, let me review the aristotique thought the syllogism. The latter is a reasoning appeared before the birth of Jesus Christ there are about 2,400 years. The author of this thought further was the Greek philosopher Aristotle.

This reasoning consists of two proposals which we deduce a third. It is usually based on one of two principles where there is a possible error:

First, What suits the idea of ​​generality, suits each of the individuals in this generality.

Second, this does not fit the idea of ​​a generality, not suitable for any of the individuals in this generality.

Ultimately the syllogism is considered deductive reasoning in its complete and regular shape.

The Rwandan government reacted on a "false logic of the syllogism." Everyone agrees that the logic based on the syllogism is not a scientific truth but unfortunately President Kagame confirms and accepts the political syllogism. This acceptance "illogical syllogism" that victims are becoming more numerous in Rwandan society. The Rwandan government considers and multiplies that can be called "enemy of kagamien plan" by this false logic.

This virus implanted in the Rwandan political scene has just taken the lead in the Rwandan society. I think this virus will block without doubt not only the process of democratization and freedom of the press but it will slow down the long road to reconciliation and peaceful cohesion of people tired of unnecessary conflicts.

To better understand this false political philosophy Kagame, let me explain to you in support of examples:

Although people think that the friend of your friend is your friend or enemy of your enemy is your enemy. As for me, I think yes or no because the friend of your friend can be your enemy as the enemy of your enemy can be your friend. I can prove by scientific demonstration. It all depends on the interest each policy is unfortunately widespread among Kagame and creates unnecessary conflict.

Here the political syllogism in Kagame:

X defends the return of constitutional monarchy in Rwanda

Y is the brother or friend X

So Y is the enemy of the Rwandan government

I think that all totalitarian government olgarchique think this logic, but it is not the absolute truth because it may happen that the two brothers believe in politics differently. This is what characterizes a democratic society but unfortunately our government puts individuals in one basket based on "family thought." Thus the family becomes a victim for the simple reason that one of its members think ideologies contrary to the government.

It's a shame but we must accept the fact that this illogical logic exists in Rwandan society and is applied by the Rwandan government. You will also find that when a family member has a good job in the Rwandan government, almost the entire family finds the right roles in Rwandan institutions.

On the other side, if a family member has a good job while Kagame suspect and lose trust in that person, the whole family becomes a victim although she does not know what's going on. Similar examples are numerous and we are accustomed to gender policy in the Kagame government.

This fine example confirms the political problems for all political opponents and independent journalists. Many people die and languishing in prison for simply having family or friendly relations with opponents and independent journalists. This false logic exercised by the government can be checked by taking a look at the case of General Kayumba Nyamwasa and his brother Colonel Rugigana is currently in prison.

The Kagame government should have a policy maturity at which it agrees to sit down with political opponents and to accept the process of democratization and freedom of the press in countries Milles Collines.

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